Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Subway Pusher

Ki-Suck Han, 58, of Queens, N.Y., was thrown onto the tracks Monday afternoon just after 12:30 from a crowded train platform at the 49th Street and Seventh Avenue station in midtown Manhattan, according to police.
Witnesses told cops that Han tried to climb back on to the subway platform, but was hit by an oncoming train before he could scramble to safety as other bystanders watched in horror.

As other bystanders watched in horror? What happend to a nation that grew up with that superman hero mentality. It seems today everybody is to bussy checking their Tweets and Recording video to put on Youtube. This is the day that I have truly feared. The day that the masses are so scared that they won´t fight 1 man to save another at the risk of any harm to them. We can no longer call ourselves "Fellow Americans" we have now in this day and age earned the title of "Fellow Bystanders"
I have a voice as do we all but,that is not saying that I have the final voice. I need to hear from you. We all need to hear the opinions of others to grow intellectualy and to have compassion for our fellow humanbeings.
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