Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Andre Johnson Helping The Kids

NFL star receiver Andre Johnson who plays for the Texans spends the holidays helping those in need.
He took 12 kids that came from abusive backgrounds to Toys "R" Us and gave them 80 seconds to grab as much as they could. Hats off to Mr. Johnson. He has a charity group called "Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation". Now I know what some people will say cause I hear it all to often. People do this everyday and don´t take any credit for it. I encourage those who feel that way to please leave a comment with the group,or people,or any information you can give for others who are interested in helping not just for the holidays but year round. This is something that his group did with just 20 thousand dollars for 12 kids. Just think there are 1,696 NFL players. Multiply that by 12 (kids)  and you get 20,352 happy kids.That is alot of happy kids.
Want to see how the other half lives? Please watch this and then tell me you still want to support them. Watching their TV shows or buying their products.
Some people live like this
While others buy entire neighborhoods just so they don´t have to have any neighbors. Why should you care what Kim Kardashian is wearing? Just look at what those kids in the above picture have on. Almost nothing. I can´t say anything about Brad Pitt cause hes taking care of a soccer team of kids in his house. Honestly it´s time for a gutcheck people. Say no to Hollywood.
Say yes to a better quality of life for all.

Knowledge Is Power

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