Friday, December 21, 2012

America The Land of Freedom or Fear?

We have all allowed ourselves to be completely controlled and manipulated in a in a very strategic order very carefully crafted to target each individual in the entire country. This system of fear is so precisely crafted that it is completely self sufficient and relies on the subjects actually in the system to monitor itself. In other words,when a subject in this system of fear breaks down,the other subjects in this system of fear will try to get the out of control subject back online or report this subject to be later discarded and I will further explain this shortly.

Now I want to get into what most people do not consider as fear. Do you feel as though your a normal person? If you do than you are the 80% that makes sure the other 20% is also acting within the regulations of normal which is required for this system to work. The word normal itself is a form of fear,because it gives us all something to fear we are not. Definition of Normal: conforming to the standard or the common type. The problem with conforming to the standard is that the standard is being set for us and does not allow for the pure and true nature of people to grow unrestricted into who we truly are. FEAR is an acronym in the English language for False Evidence Appearing Real.

What is it that we fear? We fear that our kids are acting abnormally and so we take them to psychologist whose job is to make money pushing pills. What´s so awful about this particular matter is that even though the kids say I don`t like it,it makes me feel like i´m swimming through water all day,parents continue to drug their kids and for fear that they won´t be normal actually create a very abnormal feeling for their kids. Fearing that our kids will get sick later if we don´t immediately start injecting them with drugs as soon as they are born because the doctor said so. The problem with that is that doctors today are the biggest drug pushers on the planet. Fact is we do not know what these drugs are or what they do to our children and the only people we have to trust buy stock in the same drugs they tell us we need. Needless to say that they have more invested interest in the drugs they are selling than in the well being of our children. Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, It seems to me most strange that men should fear; Seeing that death, a necessary end, Will come when it will come.

What is it that we fear? We fear guns but we also fear for our safety so we buy them anyway. We fear not being successful but we also fear failure so many just don´t try. We ourselves are the breeders of such fears handed down to us to carry on through our kids. Buying your kids Nike so he will be excepted also allows him to not except the kid who can´t buy Nike so if i´m selling Nike you have done my job for me by enforcing the rule of normality within the system cause I know that if possible that kid´s parents will get him those Nike clothes or shoes for Christmas so he can be normal like the others. Freedom or Fear? I would argue that you do have the freedom to chose but choosing not to buy the Nike shoes could have a long term and very undesirable affect on your child,eventually causing him to be completely discarded from the system.

Now I would like to test my theory of the system out right. Doing this could get me in a little trouble but like I said this just for test purposes. 
Which of these pictures do you find more offensive? Now which of these pictures would you publicly announce as offensive. A brutal sport has been made normal while naked pictures are still not excepted in public. In private People see the picture on the right and say wow but publicly say whore. Violence is a more excepted form of entertainment than sitting down somewhere and looking at the body of a woman or man. After this gets posted and soon after the system will began to go to work. The subjects in the system will began to keep me inline by reporting me for posting unsuitable content. They will then began to discuss how wrong I am for posting such a picture or for making such untrue statements about how controlled they are by fear. Fear of saying how both pictures really made them feel,because enjoying the naked picture could cause you to be labeled a pervert. Staying with the norm will allow you to stay in the system but in the long run who are we really if all we do is conform to a system that is entirely built around fear.

Stop the spread of fear People,please I am begging you. No more school shootings. Lay down your arms. If you are afraid of death and need protection,putting your faith in a gun is not the answer,simply because death will come for us all and the selfish act of trying to delay the inevitable has already claimed the lives of so many. Fear can only bring the absence of faith. If you are truly God fearing then you should already know that you do not need that gun. Gun or Bible? Choose because either one negates the other.

Thanks for stopping by. Please lay down your arms and pick up a book.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Andre Johnson Helping The Kids

NFL star receiver Andre Johnson who plays for the Texans spends the holidays helping those in need.
He took 12 kids that came from abusive backgrounds to Toys "R" Us and gave them 80 seconds to grab as much as they could. Hats off to Mr. Johnson. He has a charity group called "Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation". Now I know what some people will say cause I hear it all to often. People do this everyday and don´t take any credit for it. I encourage those who feel that way to please leave a comment with the group,or people,or any information you can give for others who are interested in helping not just for the holidays but year round. This is something that his group did with just 20 thousand dollars for 12 kids. Just think there are 1,696 NFL players. Multiply that by 12 (kids)  and you get 20,352 happy kids.That is alot of happy kids.
Want to see how the other half lives? Please watch this and then tell me you still want to support them. Watching their TV shows or buying their products.
Some people live like this
While others buy entire neighborhoods just so they don´t have to have any neighbors. Why should you care what Kim Kardashian is wearing? Just look at what those kids in the above picture have on. Almost nothing. I can´t say anything about Brad Pitt cause hes taking care of a soccer team of kids in his house. Honestly it´s time for a gutcheck people. Say no to Hollywood.
Say yes to a better quality of life for all.

Knowledge Is Power

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Subway Pusher

Ki-Suck Han, 58, of Queens, N.Y., was thrown onto the tracks Monday afternoon just after 12:30 from a crowded train platform at the 49th Street and Seventh Avenue station in midtown Manhattan, according to police.
Witnesses told cops that Han tried to climb back on to the subway platform, but was hit by an oncoming train before he could scramble to safety as other bystanders watched in horror.

As other bystanders watched in horror? What happend to a nation that grew up with that superman hero mentality. It seems today everybody is to bussy checking their Tweets and Recording video to put on Youtube. This is the day that I have truly feared. The day that the masses are so scared that they won´t fight 1 man to save another at the risk of any harm to them. We can no longer call ourselves "Fellow Americans" we have now in this day and age earned the title of "Fellow Bystanders"
I have a voice as do we all but,that is not saying that I have the final voice. I need to hear from you. We all need to hear the opinions of others to grow intellectualy and to have compassion for our fellow humanbeings.
Please leave a comment to let others know how important our voices are.