Friday, November 30, 2012

The War on Homelessness

The War on Terror = over 4 Trillion Dollars

 War on Drugs = 37 Billion in 2012 Alone

  The one thing that troubles me is how easy it is to find information on the cost of fighting drugs and fighting wars,but trying to find information about the cost of "The War on Homelessness" is almost impossible,and this is due to the fact that there isn't one. In 2010 there where roughly 3.5 million Americans homeless. Keep in mind that was 2010. Keeping track of the homeless is not an easy task,so this makes it even harder to find exact numbers. I'm no math genius,but I think if you divide just 1 Trillion by 3 Million you get 300 Thousand. You do the math. It's great that we have people like this In America.
 I would like to say thanks to that officer for his wonderful act of kindness. I know they get enough bad press,so it's good to see that. My honest opinion is that it is just not enough. I´m not saying that fighting drugs is not necessary,but as for the moral of all Americans I think it is necessary to give us a War we actually can win. Not only win,but be proud to be part of a generation that fought and won the War on Homelessness.

Please give your thoughts and opinions on what wars are important to you.
Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing whats on your minds.

President Obama and Mitt Romney

President Obama and Mitt Romney eat lunch at the White House,but it is unclear what they spoke about as reporters where not allowed in. Tell us what you think they said or talked about.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Part 2 Or Rewatch

Training Day. Alonzo is dead,but I say part 2 with Samuel Jackson and The Rock partnered up and corrupt as hell in the streets of NEW YORK .Let me know your thoughts. What do you say? Part 2 or what? If you have any Ideas on part 2's that should be or should have been made Give them right here.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Questions Need Answers ?

Do you ever wonder why gas prices keep going up or why in the next 10 years you might need a 200,000 annual salary just to keep smoking?

Did you know that in the great country of America taxes come out of your pockets to pay for roads and bridges, but here is the good part. Once they are built they get sold off to private corporations for Billions. After buying these roads or bridges they can then build tolls on them that you have to pay. If that isn't bad enough many are being sold to other countries. What was that!!?? Buying a product made in America is like finding Jimmy Hoffa, but now it has gone even further. When your driving through what you thought was Chicago Skyway, your actually driving through Madrid, Spain because that's who owns it. I just hope that people do not not get to upset about such things.


 Questions Need Answers, but First We Have To Start Asking Questions. Please Feel Free To Give Your Thoughts On The Matter Or Raise New Questions You Have About Anything And Everything. 

 Knowledge is Power