Friday, November 30, 2012

The War on Homelessness

The War on Terror = over 4 Trillion Dollars

 War on Drugs = 37 Billion in 2012 Alone

  The one thing that troubles me is how easy it is to find information on the cost of fighting drugs and fighting wars,but trying to find information about the cost of "The War on Homelessness" is almost impossible,and this is due to the fact that there isn't one. In 2010 there where roughly 3.5 million Americans homeless. Keep in mind that was 2010. Keeping track of the homeless is not an easy task,so this makes it even harder to find exact numbers. I'm no math genius,but I think if you divide just 1 Trillion by 3 Million you get 300 Thousand. You do the math. It's great that we have people like this In America.
 I would like to say thanks to that officer for his wonderful act of kindness. I know they get enough bad press,so it's good to see that. My honest opinion is that it is just not enough. I´m not saying that fighting drugs is not necessary,but as for the moral of all Americans I think it is necessary to give us a War we actually can win. Not only win,but be proud to be part of a generation that fought and won the War on Homelessness.

Please give your thoughts and opinions on what wars are important to you.
Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing whats on your minds.


  1. This is a controversial subject. America has options for the homeless such as housing and food banks and clothes pantries, but I feel like there is only so much we can do. we cannot just give and give and give and give. while not all people are addicted to drugs or alcohol, a vast majority is, and it is hard to work with people like that. How can we begin to help people who don't want to help themselves. I think all canidates for a homeless shelter should be drug tested. I do not believe anyone who is abusing drugs and alcohol should have assistance. On the other hand, America focus' more on feeding the needy in other countries than our own. It is a sad and unfortunate subject matter.

    1. It never matters what conversation we have with one another it alway comes down to the what came first question. The chicken or the egg. Where all those people addicted to drugs and alcohol before or after they lost their jobs then homes? You would be amazed at what becomes your new best friend after a week on the cold streets in the winter. A sip of liquor to keep you warm and help you go to sleep can quickly turn into necessity. As far as drugs go the last time I checked cocaine wasn't being mass produced in America. There is enough cocaine in America to supply every man woman and child with a line. That is not the kind of amount that you sneak into America. Contrary to what people believe sprinkling a little crack on somebody does not make them guilty or unworthy of living in a place they can call home like every human being should.

  2. I also believe the war on drugs is uncalled for. marijuana should be legalized in all states. this would cut down on violence and murders drastically, plus everyone would be chilled. Marijuana is a relaxing agent. same with prostitution. We spend so much money trying to stop it when it is the oldest profession. If the government was smart they would legalize prostitution and tax it. I guarantee you the economy would be 50% better. you have to have a license to drive a license to bartend a license to sell real estate. why not have a license to prostitute. let people do with their body what they want. is that not what America is about?