Wednesday, February 27, 2013

YouTube Music Videos

The Fallen
Remember those we've lost along the way.

Your Heart

Making Music
I used fl studios to make this beat and I am not a professional but it was fun for me to do. I used sonic and sound forge  for recording the lyrics. I only put one verse down but the rest of the music is still in the video. I would like to try something using the power of the internet it should be easy. I welcome you to download the mp3 and lay down a verse and maybe send it to someone else and let them lay down a verse or maybe even a chorus. If you can sing that would also be nice maybe throw in some adlibs. If you don't have mp3 downloader you can get it here
Upload it back to YouTube and hit me up. I really want to see how it would be to collaborate with other people through the internet. I just think it would be fun to send music over YouTube or even videos if someone has the talent to make them and everyone take the opportunity to share their gifts with music,lyrics,and videos to see the finished result from so many different people and different talents. Get back at me and lets use YouTube to collaborate on music and videos.

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